What It’s Like to Work for a Top Workplace

For four years running, The Network Support Company has been named a Top Workplace in Connecticut by Hearst Media). We always think this award is one of the best, because it’s awarded following employee nominations and then surveying.

In a company like TNSC, where our company culture is intentionally designed to support, encourage, grow, challenge and value our staff, this award shows that our culture and values are not just words in a handbook, but something that is lived out among our team every day.

So what does being a part of a Top Workplace company look like for its employees?

Here, in no particular order of importance, are some of the things that help TNSC stand out, and a little about the way these differentiators affect the staff.

  • From the top-down, our team understands that family comes first. In other companies where I’ve worked, bosses said this, but, when the time came to leave work to take your child to the doctor, it was “well, I suppose, if you HAVE to.” There’s never a questioning glance here. In return for this flexibility, our entire company fosters, in each other, a real sense of family-style camaraderie, as well as accountability.
  • You’re part of something meaningful and helpful. Technology isn’t just ancillary to business any longer. It’s often at the core of what every business relies on to DO business. So, when we do our jobs well – and we do! – it means small to mid-sized businesses stay in operation. It means employees stay employed…food goes on their tables…their kids go to college, etc. Our management helps us make this connection often, so we remember we’re part of something bigger than computer components and clouds and firewalls and antivirus software.
  • You can contribute to workplace discussions and know your opinion is valued. It’s not often that those at the bottom of the corporate totem pole are allowed, much less asked, to speak into issues that will define company policy. At TNSC, this happens frequently. In fact, once a year (during the month of their anniversary with TNSC), employees are invited to breakfast with our CEO, so he can hear what is on their minds. Our employees – regardless of their title – know they are respected for the experience and knowledge they possess.
  • You’re encouraged to laugh. You hear a lot of laughter and participate in a lot of what might seem like “goofing off” at our office. And instead of putting the kibosh on the tomfoolery, they’re often the ones who started it! Our managers agree with the notion that happy employees are more productive employees; a break to watch a funny video, or, say, wrap someone’s desk in cellophane is chalked up to stress-relief and an opportunity to recharge the brain, spurring greater creativity and swifter thinking.
  • You’re allowed to be you. Whether that means you like to decorate your cubicle in action hero figures, or come to work dressed casually because you’re not seeing a client that day, or you have tattoos – that’s all fine. Our management values you as a person, not simply as someone on the payroll, following a set of rules every day and toiling to improve the bottom line.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for TNSC for 5 years now, and have never been part of a more culturally healthy organization.