Trimming the Fat with Technology

Did you know that street vendors now accept credit cards? It used to be that hawking your wares out in the open air precluded you from incorporating telephones or internet into your business. Then Apple introduced the iPad, and Square introduced the mobile card swiper. As a result, tools that were previously only available to businesses of a certain size (and above) became accessible to smaller operations. This opened up whole new markets and customer bases to those small businesses. Perhaps more importantly however, it automated something that had previously been done manually. The checkout experience was smoothed out, made more streamlined, which freed up time and resources, perhaps the two most valuable components of any business.

Automation through the intelligent application of technology is one of the most obvious, and yet often overlooked tools we see in the workplace. When a business is small, each operational step can be done manually, without losing much in the way of revenue or quality. But as businesses grow, they seldom grow at a one-to-one ratio with their employees. Each person’s workload increases, the number of tasks that have to fit into an eight hour day balloons, and low priority items have to be dropped. The result is a loss of quality, morale, and ultimately revenue.

In these high pressure seasons, usually one of two things happen: Either attrition occurs, and the business naturally sheds the increased volume until things fall back to a manageable level, or, operational procedures undergo a transformation to ensure any and all fat is removed, and a new, more efficient, more focused business emerges.

Is your business technology streamlined?

One of our goals here at TNSC is try and step in alongside our clients and customers and help guide them through seasons like this, and introduce them to technologies that can alleviate the time and resource burdens that come from manual-centric operations and increase their operational efficiencies.

Our AssistIT product alleviates the need to manually track and maintain patches and antivirus on your network. Our StoreIT product removes the need for you remove, rotate and monitor tapes or other backup media. Our HostIT product removes the element of having onsite servers completely, leaving you completely free to focus on the day to day needs of your company.

If you’re interested in discussing these or any of our other services, please give us a call, and we’d be happy to partner with you in implementing the best technology solutions for you.

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