Top Workplace Award Spurs Us on to Greater Success

It’s been said that “the most successful companies are the ones that employees believe in.” Here at The Network Support Company, we have found this to be true. And now we have more actual proof that our employees believe in our company, having just been named – for the third year in a row – a “Top Workplace for 2015” by Hearst Newspapers, coming in at number 5 this year. The media group recognizes only 45 companies from across all of southern Connecticut, awarding the honor based solely on surveys about the workplace completed by their employees.

This award is one of the few corporate accolades that is a legitimate honor because TNSC didn’t have to pay a fee to be on this list – and that makes it even more special. It validates that we’ve got something awesome going on here in terms of our corporate culture, and, if I can speak for our 65 employees, it spurs us on to achieve even greater things – because we authentically enjoy where we work and are invested in its success. Our leaders, starting with CEO Jim Kennedy, genuinely believe that treating people well is not only the right thing to do, but it ultimately translates into a thriving, successful business. The proof of that is tangible, beginning with this award, and continuing with the fact that we’re growing, gaining new clients and receiving great feedback on how we’re doing from our existing clients.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the Hearst survey itself to see how they determine who gets on the list. The survey measures three critical elements in the workplace. The first is overall organizational health, and measures things such as employees’ confidence in leadership, whether the company is guided by strong values and ethics, and if it’s headed in a positive direction. It also addresses the company’s operational efficiency, whether senior managers have a solid understanding of company goals, if management communicates important decisions effectively, whether new ideas are encouraged, whether employees feel appreciated and are able to work to their potential and, finally, if employees feel they are part of something meaningful.

The second measures things relating directly to the individual, such as whether the company supports and promotes a healthy work-life balance, whether managers demonstrate that they genuinely care about them and want to help them succeed, learn and grow. It also addresses employees’ feelings about compensation and benefits offered.

The last measurement is about engagement and how the company motivates employees to give their best, including whether workers would recommend The Network Support Company to other people, and even if an employee has considered looking elsewhere for a job recently. In addition to all of the specific questions, there is also ample room for feedback and comments.

I’ve experienced TNSC’s wonderful corporate culture for four years now, and it’s clear to me that Jim and our other leaders are truly committed to continuing to create an environment that employees authentically love. To have our feelings affirmed, recognized, and given value by Hearst only makes us appreciate what we have – and work diligently to reach our goals, so that it never has to be any other way.

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