The Hidden Cost of Saving Money

For financial controllers and CEOs, it can be a daily occurrence to have a quote for new equipment come across the desk. Perhaps it’s two quotes, one of which is notably lower. In the world of Information Technology, this scenario plays out regularly.

It makes perfect sense to avoid spending unnecessary money on equipment that will not be used frequently, or that does not represent a critical task within the company. Most businesses have several areas where tightening the belt would improve efficiency and increase profit margins.
However, when looking at a possible expenditure relating to your businesses’ IT environment, it is important to consider a few things:

What is the value of your businesses’ time?
When a piece of equipment fails, it doesn’t just effect itself, or a single user. If emails cannot be sent, shipments sent out, or critical files be accessed, then the company has essentially ground to a halt until the issue is resolved. You’ve effectively closed for a period of hours, or sometimes days. This time is often not considered when making a decision about replacing equipment, or investing in software or maintenance. How much is it worth? How much revenue is being lost during downtime?
All too often we see catastrophic failures that could have been prevented by investing just a fraction of the lost revenue earlier, in maintaining the network and hardware.

Does the success of your company improve along with your equipment?
For many businesses, the tools that they have at their disposal directly impacts how well they do their job. It affects how well they provide service to their clients, and how their company is perceived. Unfortunately, we see many cases where managers do not realize this, despite it being the case. A moderate investment in the future and equipping employees with excellent tools can have a dramatic impact on a company’s bottom line. When evaluating your IT environment, it is important to consider that an investment now could pay dividends down the road, in terms of setting yourself apart from your competitors, providing great service, and increasing efficiency and profitability.

Do you want to worry about your network?
For some executives, maintaining control over every aspect of the business is something they choose to do, regardless of the time, energy and efficiency it costs them. But for many, it is simply not feasible to expend hours on ensuring that everything is kept up and running, and problems are addressed, and people are able to work. Even when assigning an existing employee these tasks, it then consumes their time and energy, and other tasks are left uncompleted, as well as leaving the business owner now worrying about them and their time.

It may seem daunting to entrust your critical data to another company, and evaluating companies can be a frustrating process, especially in determining who to trust. Understanding this, TNSC has made great efforts to ease the process of evaluation, by making multiple sources of feedback available. We have received numerous awards for both our workplace and level of service. We have obtained numerous technical certifications and formed partnerships with the most well known companies and brands in the industry. In addition to this, we’ve made case studies and reviews available on our website, so you can see what our current clients are saying about our service.

If you’d rather spend your time doing business than working on keeping the business up and running, then consider a trusted partner for handling the IT side, so you won’t have to. Less worry. Fewer problems. Faster recovery.

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