That’s a Wrap! Giving Back to the Community

At the core of any good corporate citizen is the desire to serve the community in which it operates. To give, freely. To help, joyfully. At The Network Support Company, we’re delighted to do this in a number of ways.

  • We donate many hundreds of hours of technical-service to many local nonprofit agencies in the greater Danbury area.
  • We organize and/or contribute to numerous fundraisers for truly worthy organizations across the community.
  • We go out into the community ourselves, roll up our sleeves, and get in on the action.

Most recently, one night earlier this month, a small group of Network Support employees spent three hours wrapping gifts at the Danbury Fair Mall. For this outreach event, we were supporting Habitat for Humanity, which organized the project, collecting donations and gifts that it is distributing for Christmas. And, of course, those gifts needed to be wrapped. So this was simply a small way to give of ourselves to make a difference in the lives of others this season.

In this case, it was an after-hours service project, but our company would just as soon have allowed us to take time during the workday to help get the job done. We’re honored and proud to be part of a company that serves our community.

gift wrapping groupnancy wrapping with todd