September Newsletter

Hot Topics in the World of Cyber Security, Technology & Business

The most dangerous bug of 2020

Hackers are actively exploiting the Zerologon vulnerability in real-world attacks, Microsoft’s security intelligence team reported on September 24th. Exploiting the Zerologon bug can allow hackers to take over the domain controller, and inherently a company’s internal network.  For the record, team NSC began patching this for all of our managed services clients over a month before it hit the news.

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WFH: 12 rules to get It right

From video-conference etiquette to triple-checking your emails, here are some do’s and don’ts to navigate the new digital workplace.  And it doesn’t mean automatically jumping on a Zoom call…

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Digitization: Are you ready?

Business as usual is dead.  New technologies are rapidly changing lives and societies.  Now is the time for your business to drive technological change – or be driven by it.  

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5 Ways to Build a Compassionate Culture

NSC is a workplace where people not only respect each other, they like each other.  The foundation of this is a culture of compassion.  Here are 5 ways any leader can instill compassion in the workplace.

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