Massive Data Security Breaches A Problem Now More than Ever

With 177,339 worldwide data security threats every day, breaches are more serious than ever before. Even Yahoo and the IRS have been breached, so what is a small business to do?

From individuals putting personal information in the cloud to massive attacks, a secure defense is the best strategy. The Network Support Company CEO Jim Kennedy outlines three weapons we have against cybercrime:

  1. proactive planning
  2. a disciplined process-driven approach
  3. a very high level of execution – all things at which TNSC excels.

Despite the need for preparation, it often goes overlooked in business. Upward of 43% of surveyed companies experienced a data breach in 2014, and 73% of those had a response plan. However, only 30% of those companies’ employees felt that the plan was effective.

At least one quarter (if not more than half) of those companies are truly prepared, and just 3% reevaluate their plans on a quarterlay basis despite new and evolving threats.

Here are five tips to protect yourself and four tips to protect your company:

Thanks to for producing this infographic and including our CEO Jim Kennedy in their article.