“Little Data” is Key to Better Decision-Making & Productivity

By harnessing these data points, and many others, and using analytics software, we have been able to revolutionize performance across our entire company, from sales to service delivery to accounting. We have simultaneously been able to improve client satisfaction to the highest levels in our history, improve per-tech and per-salesperson productivity to the highest levels in our history, decrease waste, and improve the bottom line – all while experiencing less stress and fewer fire drills simvastatin dosage.

We are using “little data” to improve the quality and speed of our decision-making, which has led to dramatic improvements in performance. A few examples:

  • By providing our techs a real-time performance scorecard, we have given them the ability to improve on their own performance, with little management time required.
  • By connecting sales prospecting activity to near real-time results, we’ve been able to better focus our efforts; the result: we’ve more than doubled sales, with fewer salespeople.
  • By giving our clients real-time performance metrics about us, we have reduced conflict, increased satisfaction and reduced the time we spend answering questions.

Your data is a goldmine. Are you effectively mining it? If not, call us and we can help you get started.

In my next blog, I will talk about lessons learned about creating these key metrics.