IT that enhances hotel guest experience

Technology is essential to the modern-day hotel. Guests have come to expect that many of the conveniences they enjoy at home are also available at their hotel. IT services have transformed, and hotels integrating technology have also found streamlined processes and been able to improve their bottom line without sacrificing a positive guest experience. Let’s take a look at the latest technology trends and how you can gain a competitive edge.

Strong internet connection 

Hotel guests are very likely to use wifi during their stay. Whether it’s checking in and out, or streaming videos in their room. In either case, it’s important to have a fast and strong internet connection throughout a hotel that guests can easily access. Guests want reliable access to wifi like they would in their home. Scanning hotel reviews on Yelp! and TripAdvisor you’ll discover that slow wifi is one of the most frequent complaints. This is an essential IT feature that hotels will need to stay relevant in the coming years. Consider upgrading your internet network if it’s been a few years since the last upgrade.  

There are two components to fast wifi. The first is the actual wifi technology deployed within the hotel. This must be carefully designed taking into account the type of hotel construction, concentrations of guests, distances and the actual wifi technology itself. The second component is the size and type of internet connection between the hotel and its internet provider. On a positive note, it is now cheaper than ever to deploy fast wifi throughout the property. We can help build a strong internet infrastructure and provide you with the best solutions. 

Automated guest services

The hospitality industry is finding that more and more of its guests want to perform tasks autonomously, as opposed to interacting with hotel staff. Technology can allow guests to check-in and order room service without having to interact with hotel employees. In addition, the right mobile software applications can help their employees better manage their tasks, communicate and attend to guest needs. These services and applications are often fully customizable and offer easy integration with a hotel’s existing infrastructure. 

IT security

With the upward trend in cyberattacks and customer data breaches, the hospitality industry is a prime target for hackers. When guests give their personal information, whether it be for customized services or payment information, there is an expectation of privacy and trust. Many will attest that protection begins with best practices and more secure payment methods. Many hotels are looking to improve by investing in property management software that directly integrates with payment processing solutions. 

In addition, be mindful that mobile devices connecting to your hotel IT infrastructure can also create cyber vulnerabilities. Adding improved IT security systems, better policies for handling data, and mobile device management platforms can go a long way in protecting your assets. 

Mobile Devices 

Technology enables guests to check-in from their phones, use keyless entry, and order extra amenities from the comfort of their room. With guests using their devices more often means a strong and reliable wifi connection is a must. In fact, 81% of travelers say their top travel accessory is their smartphone, which is more than those who said they’d like to bring a camera or even a loved one. In addition, 88% of guests want a mobile app that allows for a personalized experience. Hotels can benefit from these trends, as a robust mobile card app can provide you with valuable data, reveal customer preferences and aid in allocating your resources. 

Increased IT support needs

As these new technologies are deployed to accommodate guest preferences, hospitality IT networks need to be much more robust and secure than they were just a few years ago. With this new infrastructure and technology, it is essential to work with the right managed service provider (MSP). You need an MSP that is focused on hospitality IT and will be familiar with and know how to address industry-specific applications, compliance, and cybersecurity needs. They will also be able to “speak the language” of your various technology hardware/software vendors you work with, and thus be able to act as your liaison with them. With these needs in place, they will be able to ensure everything is set up and maintained in such a way that it all works together in one cohesive system that is highly available, efficient, and ultimately delivers a superior guest experience.

A seasoned hospitality IT provider

At the Network Support Company, we are highly experienced in IT for the hospitality industry. Over the past 24+ years, we have gathered over 150 hospitality clients spread across 36 states and we are uniquely qualified to service this industry. 

With a team of hospitality IT experts, we bring decades of combined hospitality experience, and 24/7 support to handle any issue that may arise. With knowledge in numerous hotel technologies, we can help establish new standards of efficiency and ultimately and inspire your guest loyalty.