Google Reports Claims That Users’ Internet May Shut Down on July 9th

The FBI has identified a serious piece of malware software which could affect a large number of PC’s worldwide. TNSC has confirmed that this malware is real. To help protect you, we are providing the following information about this malware and what you can do to detect whether you will be affected.

Google Reports Claims that users’ Internet may shut down on July 9th.

The DNSChanger Malware threat has been in the news since November 2011, when the FBI and authorities arrested the crime ring behind the malware. If you would like to find additional information about the arrest click on the following.

What will happen if you are infected:

The DNS network is essentially a phone book, it allows your system to resolve to the IP address of where the server is located, think of it like a street address.

If your system is infected your computer will redirect you to a fake address and that website will try to steal information from you or perform unwanted behaviors on your computer. This site gives a great description of DNS and what the infection does. 

How to find out if you’re infected:

The FBI has developed a tool to determine if your device is infected. Click on the following link to verify if your system is clean.

If your DNS Resolution status is Green you are NOT infected. If you DNS Resolution status is Red you are infected.

If your system is infected how do I fix it?

The FBI has released a document detailing detection and removal and is available here: There are numerous removal tools available. Click on this link for detail

As always feel free to contact us at 203-744-2274 for assistance on removing this and any other malware infections.

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