There Goes The Neighborhood; Cyber-Crime is Rampant

Producers and Buyers: There are huge numbers of individuals, nation states, organized crime syndicates, hacker rings and others willing to mine or buy this product for subsequent use or resale.

Distribution and Payment: The distribution network is the dark web, and the form of payment – the real enabler of this activity – is an untraceable currency called cryptocurrency.  Many people are aware of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but other new cryptocurrencies are also being purposely built for cybercrime helpful hints.

There is even a thriving market for the ‘tools of the trade,’ so people can make money selling things like do-it-yourself ransomware, and exploit kits to the data miners and malware distributors.

Because of the size of the market, and the hefty paydays for successful attacks, this is already a multi-billion-dollar industry – and it’s growing rapidly. All signs point to the fact that it’s no fad; in fact, it’s here to stay.

So, how do we fight a war like this? Currently, it’s a defensive war – companies like ours have no offensive capability – and the odds are not in our favor. We must get it right every single time, but the bad guys only need to get it right once. Fortunately, the greatest weapons in the arsenal against cybercrime are 1) proactive planning, 2) a disciplined process-driven approach, and 3) a very high level of execution – all things at which TNSC excels.

At TNSC, we’re working diligently to ensure that we’re aware of the myriad threats that threaten our clients, and how to use all the tools at our disposal to secure our clients’ networks. As our clients’ trusted IT advisors, it’s our responsibility to inform, educate and make them aware of the seriousness of very real threats. Contact us for more information.