A Personal Reflection on Flex Time

Corporate America generally operates in a climate where people tend to bounce from company to company in search of the elusive “perfect fit.” So I often raise a few eyebrows when I tell people I’ve worked for The Network Support Company and CEO Jim Kennedy for more than 30 years.

“Really?” they say. “Why would you stay with a company that long?” I tell them I’d be crazy to work anywhere else, for anyone else. Here’s why: Jim Kennedy and The Network Support Company truly care about their employees – as people, with families and lives outside the office. And they don’t just say it, they walk the talk.

I have first-hand experience of this, and it has cemented my love for the company and my loyalty to it. For me, the issue was requiring “flex” time.

When I started working for Jim, right out of college, we were a start-up business and we put in some crazy hours. We made a lot of mistakes, learning as we went, but kept plugging along and built a successful business. Back then, working 40 hours a week was no problem; we were young, energetic and didn’t have many responsibilities outside of work.

But then came marriage, mortgage and babies. Like many working parents, I felt the stress of balancing my career with my new role as a mom who was committed to spending quality time with her children. But because TNSC values “family,” they worked with me – for the next 18 years! – so that I could manage my priorities at work AND at home. They allowed me to reduce my schedule to four days a week while my daughters were babies, so I could have the quality time I desired.

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